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Pepper Project is grateful for all our press coverage over the years. Here is the latest!


August 29, 2015: Radio AM 830
SoCal Restaurant Show
Tom Gordon’s and Cris Peterson’s The Pepper Project promotes U.S. importation of fine Kampot pepper...
June 25, 2015: The Orange County Register
Cheapo Travel: For an affordable foreign vacation, try Cambodia
Because I’m always scrimping on vacations, I plan my foreign trips around locations that are cheap for Americans...
March 28, 2015: KFI AM 640
The Fork Report with Neil Saavedra
Pepper Project segment starts at 01:12:47 and goes until commercials, no news breaks!


May 9, 2014: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Pack for a perfect pepper farm stay
Escape on the edge of the jungle in Cambodia is a unique experience
January 9, 2014: The Orange County Register
A crackdown in Cambodia
Cambodia’s recent turmoil boils down to opportunity – or more accurately, the lack of it.


October 1, 2013: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Taste of Cambodia
This lesser known cuisine of Southeast Asia is peppered with distinct sauces, herbs and spices
August 9, 2013: The OC Weekly
Benefit For Cambodian Charities This Weekend At Chapter One
Festivities occur this Sunday as they present two showings of the film Two Shadows...
August 6, 2013: By the Porchlight Blog
The Pepper Project
Have you ever heard of The Pepper Project? It's a wonderful not-for-profit organization...
July 20, 2013: KLAA AM 830
SoCal Restaurant Show
Pepper Project segment starts at :59...
April 27, 2013: The Christian Science Monitor
Black pepper beef with Kampot pepper from the Pepper Project
Black pepper beef is a weeknight-quick classic Chinese stir fry...
January 4, 2013: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Escape to Kep
Cambodian retreat features colonial ruins, cool highlands and fresh seafood...


December 13, 2012: The Orange County Register
Cambodian people the inspiration for Pepper Project
The first question we always get is: Why Cambodia?...
September 21, 2012: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Readers respond to story on Kampot pepper
San Diego County is now Kampot pepper territory.
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