Natural Body Products

We carry only all-natural body products from Bodia Nature and Coco Khmer.

Bodia Nature takes great care in selecting only the best ingredients from Southeast Asia, free from synthetics, colorants or preservatives.

Coco Khmer is the proud maker of high quality coconut oil and coconut-based products. They are a social enterprise that provides training, support, and work at fair wages for their Cambodian community.

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Bodia Nature Conditioner: Tinospora Crispa
Tinopsora Crispa is a climbing liana that grows in most of South East Asian countries. Used for cent..
Bodia Nature Facial Cream: Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Facial Cream: Made from pure aloe vera pulp extract and perilla oil. 35ml...
Bodia Nature Herbal Balm
Herbal Balm: In our house, we call these "miracle meds!" All natural balms have been used by generat..
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Bodia Nature Mosquito Repellent
Natural Mosquito Repellent: DEET-Free and deliciously scented. Made from citronella oil, basil oil a..
Coco Khmer After-Shave Balm
You lose more than just hair when you run that razor across your skin. That's why you need Coco Khme..
Coco Khmer Baby Balm
Specially formulated with the finest 100% natural ingredients to soothe and condition your baby's de..
Coco Khmer Body Balm
Coco Khmer body balm is specially formulated to relax tired muscles, ease stress, moisturize and rej..
Coco Khmer Lip Balm
Our blend of virgin coconut oil and pure beeswax moisturizes and protects lips. With three great nat..
Coco Khmer Naga Balm
Naga Balm is our all-natural answer to other petroleum-heavy balms. Our base is made with 32.5% vi..

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